Idle World

Create your own universe! Start from the smallest particles and finish with planets and galactics! To get there, you will have to use diffrent resources: energy, bio, technology and cosmic.

Idle Castle

It is an idle strategy game based in medieval times. Your goal is to build from scratch well prospecting kingdom with magnificent castle conquering new territories and defeating the monsters. Start your adventure now!

Idle Mine Crusher

Upgrade your mining crusher endlesly to witness the most fascinating idle mine crushing experience. Be the industrial titan you always wanted, mine and crush to manage as huge idle profit as possible. Will it crush stone, ice, gold, crystal or radioactive waste? It will crush even chocolate.

Idle World Atom

It is cool and challenging game based on idle games mechanics and cllicker gameplay. With passing time you collect Dark Matter that can be transformed into other useful resources. Use them to build your own World and watch how it expands!

Idle World Evolution

Build your world from smallest particles through world eras and most significant historical events and cataclysms. Dozens of elements are waiting for you, and their number still grows! Observe how your universum is getting stronger and compleate evolution process.

Tap Tramp

Living on your own can be hard. Can you do it? Collect money and food to build and expand your own under-the-bridge estate. Challenge yourself in quick bottle and cans collection game and be the best!